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Our newsletter has many avid readers, your TM will enjoy it too!


The member newsletter of the Finnish Tibetan Association is called Tiibetinmastiffi, which means Tibetan Mastiff in Finnish. It is currently published 4 times a year.


The Tiibetinmastiffi is published in March, June, September and December. All materials must be submitted to the Newsletter Committee no later than the 15th of February, May, August or November, depending on which edition they are meant for.

The Newsletter Committee welcomes related articles and pictures. Unfortunately all material published must be in Finnish, if however you have an interesting article in English, please contact the committee to see if it can be translated. If you are sending pictures, please use .jpg format and include name of photographer and a short description.


 Members andNon-members
entire page (1/1)50 € 
half a page (1/2)25 € 

The Champion, Veteran and Results announcements are free of charge to members.

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Elina Erkkilä
Hirvasanttilantie 106
FI-44250 Äänekoivisto

Chief Editor
Elina Erkkilä

Other members
Linda Wilen-Veijalainen
Anu Manninen
Johanna Puolitaipale